The grade students of Paradise High School had the privilege to visit the National Museum and Art Gallery of Papua New Guinea on Thursday the 30th of April, 2015 as an educational excursion. It was purposely for Personal Development as the topic studied currently is about traditional cultures and its values.
It was an eye opener for the two teachers as well as the students because it was the first time for everyone. We had a tour guide who took us into the two galleries and made every effort to explain at least the samples of various cultural objects that were displayed. I wondered why the leaves on the large Kula Trade canoe still looked fresh. “The room temperature is closely monitored and has to be adjusted now and then when need arises”, was the response.
There were displays of various masks, carvings, musical instruments, traditional tools and shields used for gardening, fishing and hunting, models of canoes, even a sling shot that looked like the one in the biblical story of David and Goliath was on display. The largest object was a Kula Trade canoe that occupied almost half of the centre space and many more.
The students were also taught how radiocarbon dating is conducting to give the exact number of years the objects dated.
That was not the end, they were so excited to try out the remains of the war relics and whatever metals out in the park. The security had to signal to inform us not to get into the old plane only after the girls had a chance to get the feel of it and the remains of some of the earliest types of transport
The objects displayed truly resembles Papua New Guinea’s unique cultures and traditions and remains of war relics and old fashion cars etc…
Planning to take the grade 7s and 8s to the museum soon.
It’s open on week days and on Sunday’s 13:00pm to 15: 00pm so if you are bored, why not pay a visit and see for yourself the amazing remains of PNG history?


Mrs. A. Isau
PD teacher