On the 26th of August 2014 (National Repentance Day), the school had its 2nd Parent-Teacher Conference (PTC) which to serve the purpose of informing parents about their child’s academic performance in school. The programme begins at 8:30 a.m. and ends at 3:45 and beyond, depending on the number of students per class.  The class patron/matron spent a maximum of 15 minutes to confer with each parent/guardian.
The primary topic in the meeting was mainly the academic performance of every student.   So with students individual performance record on hand a discussion on student’s strengths, weaknesses and teachers suggestions was held.  Parents are allowed to make comments on their child’s activities at home to ensure it matches on the weekdays and weekends study time table that their child had recorded on the study checklist. Student disciplinary record showing their discipline points, number of homework missed, number of lateness, number of absences and attire violations was also shown. After which a decision is made by parents on how to help their child at home.   They must see to it that proper follow-up on their child’s schools daily activities is done through the S. I. S.
Parents of examined grades have also received the mock report card of their child.  That particular paper shows the test results that their child has been working on with inclusive of 1999 mock paper-2004 mock paper.
Parents commended that the PTC is such a great advantage on their part, since it allowed them to personally talk with teachers with regards to their child’s performance in school.  On this time, they were given the opportunity to go in-depth about their child’s academic and disciplinary performances and any problems can be discussed and dealt with to help bring rise to necessary improvement on their child’s schools performance. 
By Emmanuel  RAI (Grade 9B)