PNG Paradise High School held the orientation for parents last February 20th 2015.  The program aimed to orient the parents about teacher’s expectations and the school’s rules and procedures.  We believe that we had a good response from parents as it was shown in the number of attendance that day. The S.I.S (Student Information System) a system which keeps parents and students up to date about the students academic progress and other related matters on the web was once re-oriented for the sake of the new parents this year.  This was first launched in 2014, and we’re proud to say that PNG Paradise is the first school to have this kind of system.
Many Parents commented that it was such an informative program and they were grateful to have attended.  The new parents were satisfied and excited.  Somehow those continuing parents who failed to attend the previous orientation appeared regretful but were finally feeling thankful they attended this year.
We’ve interviewed some parents after the conference and collected some feedbacks, which we believe is worth sharing.
Q1. In what ways did the Parents Orientation Program enlighten you?
Mr. Michael Tibam:  For myself, I found it really good. It keeps us informed of what is happening in school, the expectations of the school and other things we need to know about the school’s system.
Mrs. Elizabeth Ove:  It has really given me a lot of information, which pertains to student’s behaviour and academic achievements.  This conference encouraged us to be more involved in assisting our children for them to have better academic performance.
Mrs. Christine Koma:  It is very informative.  A lot of information were given to us parents that some of us didn’t know about, especially the SIS (Student Information System) that the school had established.  I heard about it last year and now they showed to us again the procedure on how to log in. I will be happy to follow up my children’s academic progress.
Q2.  How do you feel about the school organising event such as this one?
Mr. Michael Tibam:  What I would like to see is that there will be more of this program (Parent-Teacher Conference) because once will not be enough to cover the changes that are happening or can happen in the future.  This is all fort he betterment of our children.
Mrs. Elizabeth Ove:  Personally, I think this is a good initiative.  This is something that you know, we as parents really appreciate.  The coming together, interacting with the subject teachers of our children and getting to know them.
Mrs. Christine Koma:  It is very good and I would 100% support events like this, because a lot of times, you know? When we get letters, it’s not really as effective as to come here and hear from subject teachers.  It’s not only better for us but also for our children.