Paradise High School volleyball team took part in the inter school tournament for the school year 2014.  The team were for both boys and girls division ranging from 16 under and 18 under.
After months long of practices in preparation for the awaiting sports event, Paradise team was finally ready for the challenge.  The Girls team were challenged by other competitive schools but came out second place in the under 16 division scooping up a trophy, while the under 18 took the third place.
On the other hand, the boys division who also participated and had played squarely with the other participating schools was able to bag the second place for the 16 under.  Players 18 under were ranked the 3rd place as well.
The volleyball team came back to their home school happy for winning the second place for both boys and girls and the opportunity to make new friends from students of different schools as well.

By Neevah EBERL (Grade 9A)