Seminar at American Corner

On the 24th of July, 2014 the grade 12 geography students with their teacher Miss Luvi attended a presentation on the importance of ocean within Environmental Policy and the Relevant Pacific Initiatives at the National Library in Waigani. The presenter was Mr Alfred Nakatsuma, the Regional Environmental Director for the United States of Agency for Internal Aid (USAID). Mr Nakatsuma presented on some significant points and the students all learnt important lessons from this presentation.
Sandy – “PNG is a very special country because of the diverse natural resources on land and of the marine world.”
Quinnan – “The presentation was more of an open discussion and a conversation between Mr Alfred Nakatsuma and the audience. Importantly WE MUST CARE FOR OUR ENVIRONMENT.”
Natasha Williams – “Be reminded that the abundance of our resources will not last forever. Let’s be considerate over what sustains us that we very much depend on.”
Vagi – “Selective logging and fishing is part of planning resources for the good of the future generation.”
Nicola – “The innovative ideas on the use of resources is very important than the statistics that are always spoken of.”
Dolores – “PNG has been blessed with resources in its own way like no other country however, ‘Are those natural diverse resources going to be around in the next 20 years? We should start planning on how we should sustain our natural resources, environment and ocean before using them.”