Let the Soccer Season Begin


On Saturday 09th of April, 2016 was the official launch of the Port Moresby Football Season. The launch was held at the Rita Flynn Complex and will be playing over 12 weekends, from April to June. So far 11 schools have confirmed to participate.

An exhibition game was prepared on that day. There were 7 teams who were supposed to play however, out of the 7 teams only 4 showed up.  They were the Boro Bullets, Sacred Heart, Chesire Homes and Paradise High School. The first game was played between Paradise High School and Chesire Homes, where Paradise won 2- 0. The official launch was a success and the soccer season will be ongoing over the term one holiday. It will probably end on the 2nd week of June which falls on a Saturday.


Aurora Takendu (Grade 7)