I would like to express my sincere thanks to the teaching staff for doing
an excellent job in teaching, mentoring and developing Abbeygayle to
become a better child both academically and socially. She has been
working hard on her school work this year and resulted in achieving
better marks in all the subjects. She has also shown interest in playing
games such as basketball.
(Mrs. Lisa Magung – Mother of Abbeygayle Magung of Grade 6)
Reionna started grade 7 in February 2014 at PHS and since then,
we have seen significant amount of improvement in her approach both
academically and socially. Just the fact that we can have an intelligent
conversation with her about matters regarding school or any odd
subjects at home, gives us great joy. The changes we see in our
daughter are improving to a stage where she has developed the
confidence and ability to converse and understand with people beyond
her age.
( Rota & Jacqueline Gabi – Parents of Reionna Gabi of Grade 7)
Norma when first enrolled at PHS last year had hard time coping with
the school requirements. She struggled to keep up with completing
homework, reading books, doing assignments and studying her notes.
As time passed, Norma changed her attitude towards her school work
especially in managing her time. This year, there has been great
improvement in her academic results. My big thank goes to her subject
teachers for their time, hard-work and commitment to her. I am so
grateful to have my daughter in such a great school. Keep up the
excellent work!
( Ms. Simaima KAIGERUA – Mother of Norma Kaigerua of Grade 8)