About Us


Established in 2007 in Port Moresby, PNG Paradise High School is a permitted private institution that offers PNG curriculum to the students from grade 6 to grade 12. It has a mixture of well-qualified local and expatriate teachers. We aim to explore the skills and the talents of the students and equip them with all the necessary skills that they need in this challenging and competitive world. We strive for creating a conducive atmosphere in and out of the classroom to improve the learning by having an advanced science lab, setting a library which contains variety of colorful and original story books and reference books, offering lots of sports, art, music and other extra-curricular activities and using technology to enhance learning such as educational CDs and smart boards.


Our mission is to develop students’ intellectual, emotional, moral, social, and physical skills through a balanced, broad and challenging curriculum in regardless of the students’ gender, race, nationality, ancestry, or creed.


We recognize that educational success is built upon the harmony of the triad made up of students, parents, and teachers. PNG PARADISE HIGH SCHOOL creates a partnership from among members of this group that will help our students reach their maximum potential.


PNG Paradise High School vision is to provide a quality education that will
• prepare students academically, socially, emotionally, morally, and physically to the universities in PNG and abroad.
• help students garner realistic objectives that foster a fondness of their language and culture, and a keen awareness of their surroundings to help them to become tolerant, open-minded and respectful towards other cultures in the multicultural context of PNG, and the international sphere.
• help students realize their skills and talents and offer them a unique environment to improve themselves in all aspects.
• encourage students to behave ethically, work collaboratively, and read intensively.

We believe our vision will be achieved through:
• A continuously revised and developed curriculum tailored to student needs.
• A dedicated and enthusiastic team of teachers who arc role models in every sense.
• A fully equipped, dynamic physical environment.


We believe that,
• All children have different abilities, skills and interests and every student has a potential to achieve.
• Parents’ cooperation is vital for a quality education.
• The students and school should feel responsibility to contribute something to the community we live in.
• The development of the total person is a high priority at PNG Paradise i.e. spiritual, physical, social and mental development so as to attain the best academic results in the end.
• The school should have a climate which nurtures positive self-esteem and creates rewarding, challenging, and meaningful learning relevant to everyday living.
• Critical thinking skills should be taught to enable students to identify problems, analyze and solve them.
• We should all appreciate our differences and celebrate out diversity.
• We all care our environment and feel responsibility to protect the nature.
• Learning should be fun, enjoyable, and unforgettable experience and that a love for learning should be instilled in every child.
• The school should prepare and tailor programs that best serve the students’ needs.